The problems of traveling during the pandemic are many. It's hard to social distance on buses, airplanes and buses. But the worst may be renting a car or sharing a ride with a complete stranger, in close quarters.


And then there's your own car. Picking kids up from school. Giving a ride to someone at work. Taking a business partner out to dinner. Or just going to dinner with neighbors. All of these are chances to get exposed to Covid or other bacteria.

It doesn't have to be this way. Soon, ActivePure will have a product custom designed and manufactured for automobiles. It will be able to disinfect your vehicle's interior air in seconds. And clean the surfaces in your vehicle's interior, in about an hour, and it will stay clean as long as ActivePure is running (and ActivePure is always running if your vehicle's heat or AC is on).

Imagine, the same technology that is being used right now in the Space Station to produce clean air, can be yours in your vehicle (Coming in Fall of 2021). And yes, that means clean of Covid-19. And the Flu, and Staphylococcus epidermidis – Gram-positive Bacteria ... even black mold.

Then, we can all feel safer when we drive, and if you're a car manufacturer, you should consider the advantages of having ActivePure installed in every vehicle you manufacture. 

If you own a Car Rental company, you should consider the competitive advantages of having ActivePure in every vehicle. Every traveler will prefer to rent your cars ... just to feel safer.

And if you own a rideshare business, such as Uber or Lift, you should consider recommending it to all your drivers to make each person they pick-up, feel safer that their rideshare is Covid-free.

ActivePure is excited to be in development of this unique product, which will revolutionize the automotive and trucking industries. Call your BioSafe representative today to find our how you can get on a waiting list.

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ActivePure's solution for vehicles is coming soon. Maybe as early as the Fall of 2021. If you are a manufacturer, a car rental company or a ride-sharing business, contact your BioSafe representative and ask to be put on a waiting list.


ActivePure for Automobiles (Coming Fall 2021)

ActivePure technology is the result of three years of work, and testing to design a purification system for installation in cars, trucks and buses that could address driving conditions. This technology will be released in the Fall of 2021.


The problem is acute, as testing demonstrates that the air in vehicles in major cities is contaminated with dangerous levels of poisonous gases. Extensive testing has shown ActivePure for transportation to be 99.99% effective at reducing air and surface contaminants, including E.Coli, MRSA, and H1N1, and ActivePure reduces exposure to carbon monoxide, other volatile organic compounds, and harmful air particulates in cars.

The technology, which will be discreetly installed directly into the vehicle’s air conditioning system, uses broad-spectrum UVC light which, when exposed to a proprietary coating, creates super-charged hydroxyl radicals and super-oxides that destroy toxins, VOCs, and microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.


ActivePure breaks down harmful pathogens into harmless elements like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and is completely safe for people and animals.

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