Use ActivePure in your home and you'll experience a "clean" you never expected.

Making your home Covid-19 free is a constant comfort every morning but especially when you have visitors. Everyone appreciates that your home has the same pathogen destroying technology as NASA used in the space shuttle. And when you think of it, if you have kids, there are many situations where they invite friends in without thinking about Covid. Now you can be prepared. Yes, ActivePure in your air will deactivate Covid on contact in the air and on surfaces.


But beyond deactivating Covid - 19 and all other pathogens, like staph and other bacteria, ActivePure also removes black mold and black mold spores.  Listen to this homeowner:


"The air filter systems are incredible!! At first I was very skeptical as I heard a salesman talk about the air system with its technology that even NASA uses. And then we discovered black mold while remodeling the basement... that's when my husband bought one of their more expensive air filters that supposedly sends out carbon molecules to destroy mold. We then left this machine downstairs overnight running next to the mold infested framed studs behind the torn-down wall and by the next morning the mold and it's black staining were gone! I couldn't believe me eyes. We don't dare go a day without it running now. And we also purchased two smaller filters to go in both bedrooms. I'm a believer now!!!"

ActivePure is also effective against severe allergies and asthma. Usually one person in a household suffers with some kind of allergy. This doesn't have to be. Listen to this homeowner:


I bought the Aerus Filters for my home and I can breathe again!!! I have asthma and was on 2 strong medications twice a day. I was able to quit one medication and cut the other dose in half to only once a day! The money saved on prescriptions will more than pay for my filter purchase. I would recommend these filters to anyone with breathing issues or to prevent getting health problems from our dirty SLC air. It literally cleans all the air inside your house so you are breathing clean air, which reverses the inflammation in your airways and gets your asthma under control! Super unbelievable health difference for me!!

Don't go on week after week without our solution. It is recognized by the FDA and makes your home smell clean and will solve so many other issues beyond Covid. Your family will thank you and those who suffer from breathing issues and allergies will never stop praising your decision.

Depending on the size of your home, one or all of the units shown belows should clear your home of Covid in 30 seconds and disinfect all surfaces in 6 hours. But beyond that, you can use all Plug and Play models so there is no need for installation. And for those who suffer with an allergy, we recommend you install an AP500 which is about the size of a cell phone and plugs into a room outlet. It disinfects a room up to 500 square feet.