Finally, it's possible to visit a Long Term Care facility without fear.

Long Term Care facilities and Retirement Homes have been very much in the news the past year, facing all types of challenges due to Covid-19 and the spread among residents. 

Probably no other category could have used ActivePure more. ActivePure can clean the air and surfaces in a Long Term Care facility in short order. Plus you can make everyone that comes to your facility feel safer.


In fact, ActivePure technology is Air and Surface. Aerus, the parent of ActivePure bought the exclusive rights, worldwide. No other air purification system has what we have ... or does what ours does. We don't even call our solution, "air purification" we call it "Air and Surface Disinfection".


But, as you know Long Term Care facilities have far more problems than just Covid. Most deal with high levels of bacteria, mold, mold spores, fungus, and staph infections. Sometimes the staff are the spreaders as they move from room to room with food carts, and they touch everything ... door handles, seats, arm rests, rest rooms, carpeting, and all are an attraction to bacteria ... mold ... and viruses. Most importantly, it continues to get re-infected week after week, sometimes, day after day. 

But ActivePure deactivates it all. In the air in about 30 minutes to 99% clear ... and on surfaces in about 6 hours. And when left running (and ActivePure should always be running) it continues to all day and all night.

When customers come in the next day, after it has been running for 24 hours, it smells fresh and clean and all the surfaces are disinfected without having to wipe them down, which saves time and money.

Imagine, what NASA used in the space shuttle, is available to you. It will make your staff and guests feel safer, knowing you are using a NASA based technology in your facility.

Don't go on week after week without our solution. It is recognized by the FDA and can be working within 3 weeks and delivered right to your door.

Depending on the size of your facility, and the ceiling heights, a combination of the units shown below would probably be used to make it Covid free and safer for everyone. Our engineers will propose the right mix, once we have a floor plan of your facility.