Now we don't have to fear getting Covid-19 at the dentist anymore.
Thanks ActivePure.

Ah, the Dentist's Office. Maybe you always dreaded going. But since Covid-19 hit, the last place people want to go is to see the dentist. If you're the dentist, maybe you agree! Or the hygienist! Let's be honest, when everyone is talking about masks, you, as the dentist, have to feel a little exposed, just to go to work.


It doesn't have to be this way. Now you have a choice. ActivePure can disinfect your office in the air and on all surfaces, in about 3 hours, and it will stay clean as long as ActivePure is running (and ActivePure is always running).


And when someone comes into your office they are bombarded (in a nice way) with ActivePure molecules, creating a layer of protection for you and your staff.

Imagine, the same technology that is being used right now in the Space Station to produce clean air, can be yours. And yes, that means clean of Covid-19. And the Flu, and Staphylococcus epidermidis – Gram-positive Bacteria ... even black mold.

When you think about it, the dentist's office is the first place ActivePure should be installed. And when you do install it, the word will get around. Because we will help you get the word out. Posters on walls in the waiting room ... cling signage on your front desk's glass ... pamphlets handed to every patient. And as soon as you do that, everyone will be at ease. Patients will talk about "their dentist's office is as clean as the Space Station".

We can even install ActivePure in your ductwork which will clean your ducts of any bacteria or mold and any build-up of pathogens.

Don't put this off any longer. Your patients will thank you. Your staff will praise you. And you'll even feel better about going into the office yourself. Call your BioSafe representative today. We can usually get you all set-up within a month.

dentist office.jpg

Depending on the size of your offices, a combination of the units shown below would probably be used to make your indoors "Covid-free" and safer for everyone. Our engineers will propose the right mix, once we have a floor plan, volume of traffic, and a square foot measurement of your offices and exam

Our Medical Guardian unit is an FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device  and it is totally portable. No installation is necessary. It will service your waiting room all on its own.

The AP 500 is perfect for exam rooms and it simply plugs into a wall outlet.

Our Induct System delivers treated air throughout your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as your air handling equipment is set to "auto fan".