ActivePure Serves All Types of Businesses . If you own multiple locations, we have special solutions.

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Most restaurants are open and able to accept a certain volume of guests based on their size. ActivePure products can service the smallest to the largest restaurant. If you own one or many restaurants, your customers want to feel safer, especially without a mask.

Hotels & Casinos

Hotels are a challenge due to the amount of small guest rooms, but ActivePure's product line works very well. By using a combination of Induct units and portable units, each guest can see and experience the clean air. 

Health Clubs

Typically, Health Clubs are larger facilities with high ceilings. They often have smaller rooms, like a Workout Gym or Handball Courts and sometimes a Swimming Pool. ActivePure products are ideal for this type of facility and don't disrupt any workout routines.

Retail Stores

Retail stores can be simple corner stores in shopping plazas, or larger mall type stores with high ceilings and expansive inventory. BioSafe engineers know how to design solutions for all these types of stores.

Hair & Nail Salons

Hair and Nail Salons are usually smaller facilities and are easy to service with ActivePure's portable line of products. No installation. No waiting. Just order and accept delivery to your door. For the business owner needing immediate action to satisfy customer demand, ActivePure fits.

Schools & Universities

Schools require a system that covers each classroom, the hallways, an auditorium, offices. nurse's office, and gymnasiums. This complicated solution is easy to address for ActivePure and BioSafe engineers. 

Churches & Theaters

ActivePure Induct Systems are ideal for these larger facilities. Both churches and theaters have large rooms with high ceilings but also smaller foyers and offices that need to be treated as well. BioSafe engineers will create a total solution that distributes ActivePure molecules equitably in all spaces.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care facilities face unique challenges returning to normal. ActivePure products are perfectly suited to these facilities as they address both large and small spaces at the same time.

Doctor's Offices

A Doctor's Office is a sensitive place to treat. Most patients are afraid to even visit their doctor during Covid. They like to know right at the front door that the office has been treated to make them safer. BioSafe's marketing will put them at ease as soon as they arrive.

Office Buildings

Office Buildings and industrial plants are easy to disinfect with ActivePure. The Hydroxyl Blaster covers 20,000 square feet and the Induct Systems cover large spaces efficiently and effectively. 

Private Residences

Single family homes as well as condominiums and apartments are well suited to be serviced by ActivePure's portable models. Usually a single unit will disinfect an entire home by placing it in one place in the house. 

Manufacturing Plants

Most Manufacturing Plants are made up of office space for administrative, lunchrooms, often there are special air conditioned rooms or labs, receiving departments and shipping departments. 

Distribution Centers

Most Distribution Centers have been considered "essential" and have stayed open during the pandemic. Most employees have felt unable to attain any level of safety during this time. Finally, now ActivePure technology can provide what all have been looking for.