BioSafe is an authorized distributor of Aerus ... to bring ActivePure's unique products to its clients.

BioSafe Global Technologies LLC was formed exclusively to represent Aerus and its line of powerful air disinfection products to BioSafe's global connections.


BioSafe's founders have significant relationships with national and global companies with an estimated purchasing power of over five hundred billion dollars.


Representing a company like Aerus with deep roots in American manufacturing dating back 100 years is both a privilege and a challenge. It requires a partnership with the management of Aerus to meet new demands in manufacturing and production to a vast array of client companies located all over the globe, within a relatively short delivery time.


These relationships span many industries and include franchising, hospitality, automotive, associations, manufacturing, publishing, shipping and transportation, construction, real estate, in both the private and public sectors as well as Native American enterprises.

BioSafe's Engineering Team:

BioSafe augments ActivePure's unique offerings with its own custom services including an engineering team to analyze and recommend optimal installation best practices to achieve clean air levels consistent with both CDC and FDA protocols.

This engineering team looks at human traffic levels, ceiling heights, hours of operation, square feet, cubic feet, HVAC layouts and output, thermostat settings, and exterior door operation (and admission of outside air) to determine real live conditions to achieve maximum disinfection levels to combat Covid-19 virus and other pathogens such as C-Diff spores, black mold, and staphylococcal bacteria.

Placing air disinfection units in a room is not any guarantee of disinfection. BioSafe offers its clients the confidence that their facilities are clean and remain clean.


BioSafe's Communications Program:

BioSafe offers its clients a comprehensive promotion and communications solution that is designed to promote the air disinfection installation to their customers and employees. 

What could be considered just as important as protecting your customers, is telling them that you have taken steps to make your store or facility safer.

This solution is customized for each installation and becomes more comprehensive with the larger installations. You may even choose to brand these items with your logo and messaging. At the very least it includes entrance door signage, counter cards, table tent cards and hats for the employees.

We're disinfecting

our air with 

Thanks NASA


Table Tent Cards

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We're disinfecting

our air with 

Employee Hats


Front Door Clings

BioSafe represents the leader ... with 100+ years in air purification.